We're already the biggest boat brokerage in the USA, with brokers in more than 30 states, and our sights are now aimed at the RV industry. If you are looking to start something new and you understand how to work hard, we are looking for you.

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What Does POP Do?

We are a brokerage company. This means it's our job to match up buyers and sellers. Like a real estate broker doesn't actually own the home they are advertising, brokers don't actually own the boats and RVs that we advertise for sale.

Sellers depend on us to advertise their boat or RV for them and we do our job very well. Once we find a willing buyer, we also handle all the contracts, escrow, coordination, documentation, and closing.

Responsibilities of the Position

Scheduling photo/video appointments with sellers on each new listing. Almost all new listing agreements are procured by the company directly, freeing up your time to focus on selling.
Meeting the seller at the unit (boat or RV) to take 100+ photos, shoot a quick video walk-through and take down an inventory of features and electronics.
Building the online advertisement, including writing a unique description that guides potential buyers through the unit.
Responding to phone calls, texts and web inquiries (leads) from potential buyers.
Communicating with the thousands of existing buyers in our database who may be interested in any of our listings and who are unaffiliated with a salesperson.
Obtaining a signed Purchase & Sale Agreement (offer) from potential buyers.
Communicating counter-offers to buyers as necessary.
Meeting potential buyers at a unit for showing and/or inspections.
Meeting buyers at the completion of sale for pickup of their new boat or RV!

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! We may not have all the answers you seek, but we've listed some very common questions below:

1. Do I need to be licensed as a salesperson?   Show answer
You won't need an individual license to sell RVs. To sell boats, you only need a license if you are located in either Florida or California.

If you are located in either of these states, you will need to acquire a license from your state to sell boats. The approx. cost of the required bond and licensing (paid to the state and other agencies) is $150 (CA) and $550 (FL).
2. How long does it take to get licensed?   Show answer
If you are physically located in FL or CA, you can usually obtain a temporary provisional license in less than 3 weeks. You can start training prior to obtaining your temporary license.

If you don't live in FL or CA, you do not need a license.
3. Will I be able to get my own listings?   Show answer
The company will supply almost all of your listings through our fully-staffed Listings Department which can produce more than 800 new listings per month across the country during peak season.

However, our most successful representatives do also choose to obtain their own listings from time to time, when the opportunity presents itself.
4. What if there is already a rep in my area?   Show answer
There is already more than one representative in many areas of the country. Some areas, such as Tampa, support half a dozen representatives. Being in an area like this is a positive, as you will all benefit from the increased name recognition and reputation.

There is more than enough boats and RVs for sale in almost all areas of the country to support several representatives.
5. Can I miss any training classes?   Show answer
The information provided in the class is very important and a key to your future success. From time to time, an absence may be unavoidable, however multiple absences can lead to dismissal from training.
6. Can I do this job in addition to my current job?   Show answer
A career at POP allows a lot of flexibility. As long as our customers are taken care of quickly and inline with our standards, what you do with the rest of your other time is up to you.

With your current job, if you are unavailable for several hours at a time, this job is not a good fit. However, if your current job is as a realtor, this job is the perfect complement. In both of these jobs you need to be available throughout the day at any time to respond quickly to a buyer or seller. However, there is rarely a time with either job where you would be unavailable for more than an hour at a time.

That said, if you are expecting this single job to fully support you, you will need to put in a full time effort.
7. I live part of the year in one city and part of the year from another city. Can I do this from both locations?   Show answer
At this time, all new reps must handle their local area year round.

Once you have more experience at POP and a track record of success, opportunities to work listings out of your local area may arise.
8. What is the schedule for initial training?   Show answer
Initial training lasts for three weeks. The first week of training is Mon - Fri. The next week are only Mon, Wed, Fri. Training takes place from 12:00pm - 4:00pm ET. We also encourage trainees to attend company-wide continuing education opportunities that run in conjunction to training.
9. Should I get my license in Florida or California even though I live elsewhere?   Show answer
If you wanted to do so, getting your license in either state is an option for anyone, regardless of where you live. However, because of the expense of time and energy to get a license, you probably should wait for at least a few months before proceeding with that option.

Because many of our reps do choose this option after some time with the company, POP Yachts has the most actively licensed sales reps in both Florida and California.
10. Can a husband and wife do this together?   Show answer
We do have successful husband and wife teams. Both husband and wife (or partners) are required to go through the training and both must be licensed (if you live in Florida or California).
11. Will the training cost money?   Show answer
All training is provided completely free of charge. The cost of training is paid back to us many times over through your success over your years with POP.

POP makes Inc. 5000 List

POP Yachts, the largest boat broker in the world, is proud to announce our ranking on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. This distinction puts POP in elite company among America's fastest growing firms. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of our ever-growing team!

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The Latest Independent ReviewLatest Review

Your salesman Tom Brennan, selling broker, truly as good as it gets. Was as helpful and concerned as possible from beginning to end. Listing broker not so. Rob seemed more concerned with his schedule than with anyone else. Lauren Angelillo professional and responsive, as well as everyone else on the document end. I never had any doubts amount sending funds and having them be secure, or receiving what paperwork I needed to proceed with the deal. Would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking to buy or sell a boat.

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Restrictions and Fees

POP doesn't ever charge any fees to sales associates. That means no fees for training, no marketing fees, no monthly fees, and no fees per sale, ever. However, some states do have rules, fees, and restrictions and this should be understood in advance.

The sale of boats is actually regulated in only two states: Florida and California. This means that, if you live in either of these states, you'll need to apply with your state for a license and pay the license fee and pay to have a bond kept with the state in your name. The total fees for this range from $150 - $550 and are payable to the state and a bond agency. The licensing process usually takes from 2 - 4 weeks. If you live in any other state, you won't need to pay for any licensing.

Additionally, we're not able to sell RVs in every state. If you're interested in selling RVs too, check the map below to see if you live in one of the states where RV sales are restricted. If, for example, you live in Louisiana or Florida, you are able to sell boats and RVs. If you live in Georgia or South Carolina, it's boats only. Check the map below for your state.

Are you currently working as a Realtor?Are you a realtor?

Working as a boat and yacht broker is the perfect complement to your current position as a real estate broker. A broker really is a broker, no matter what the asset is. All of the things you do every day as a real estate broker are the same things we do every day.

Our brokers sign up new sellers via listing agreements, drive out to photograph and video the units, build the online advertisement by writing a compelling description and uploading the photos and video, answer calls and emails from interested buyers, send out contracts to buyers, negotiate a deal if there is a counter-offer, meet buyers for a showing on their units, and meet the buyers when they come to pick up the unit and take it home.

If it sounds familiar and you're open to splitting your time between real estate brokerage as well as boat and RV brokerage, we'd like to hear from you.

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