We have transitioned most of our office staff to be fully remote, but we are still 100% operational. If you are interested in applying, we are still here, running training classes, and continue to look for talented, focused sales reps.

Who says you just have
to broker real estate?

Brokerage is Basically the Same

You understand how real estate brokerage works, right? Well, boat, yacht, and RV brokers do the same thing every day. Brokerage really only makes sense in high-dollar purchases where the cost of the item being purchased generates lots of work and lots of risk (for both parties). When this occurs, the parties depend on the services of a professional broker.

Just like you, the job of a boat or RV broker is ultimately to connect buyers with sellers and to facilitate a smooth and safe transaction.

Commitment to the Job

To be successful at any job, you've really got to start committed and and stay committed. This means being available as many hours of the day as you can be in order to respond back fast to buyers and sellers when they contact you.

If you're expecting to work a 9 - 5 shift, this isn't the job for you. Our successful brokers understand the need to be available immediately whenever the customer calls. The other side of that coin is that our brokers are free to work whatever schedule they see fit. You might choose to play golf in the afternoon and catch up in the evening. You're free to work whenever and do whatever BUT our most successful brokers are ALWAYS available (even on the golf course).

But you know this already because that's the same stuff it takes to be successful as a real estate broker. If you've got that type of commitment to being available, you'll find success selling boats and RVs too!

Requirements of All Candidates

Use of a vehicle and a valid driver's license
Smart phone (iPhone or Android)
Unlimited talk, unlimited text and a good data plan
Intermediate computer skills
Wireless network at home
Extra time in the first four weeks for 12 days of intense and comprehensive training
Because of the nature of brokerage, you will also need to be able to work without a paycheck (or only a small one) for the first several months as you start to build your pipeline of listings and buyers

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